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To create world leaders with the humility of a Saint, the knowledge of the learned and the wisdom of a Guru.

A unique Gurukulam, where...

Learning is playing and playing is learning.
Learning is the most exciting human experience.
You learn many languages.
Teachers as eager to learn as students.
Body and Mind are nurtured.
You earn while you learn.
You learn to lead humanity to glory and prosperity.
Teaching is part of learning.
You live and learn as if you are a world leader.

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Sharing About Annual Day 2011-12

Every time in VHS I had enjoyed the enchanting dance performance by our Gurukulam Children.  I had a desire to spend more time with our Gurukulam children.  The opportunity came this January and I decided to be at Vishakhapatnam for their school day function. 
I reached Vizag on 5th of January and spent a very lively 3 days along with these energetic children.      I had gone there after a long gap.  I was very much looking forward to this visit.  To spend 3 days amidst these children would be a delightful experience, I was sure.   What I did see there was much more than what I had perceived. 
The children had ever engaging programs for the parents for all 3 days.  There were parents from all parts of India - Maharashtra,   Gujarat, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Goa.  It was a mini India. There were many games to entertain the parents. There was an exhibition of Art and Science.  There was also a fun fair, spa, mehendi counters, a multi cuisine lunch mela all organised and arranged by the children.    The parents had fantastic holidays, getting massages, playing games, relishing the delicious lunch prepared by the students in the mango groove.   The parents became children for those 3 days. 
The Art   exhibition was a feast to the eyes.  The beautiful paintings of the children from all age group were appreciated by one and all.  The Science exhibition was amazing.  Every child explained his/her project with great enthusiasm to the guests.  The Roads made from plastic waste, a robotic vehicle designed by the secondary students are some of the interesting projects.   The primary children also presented very interesting projects with lot of eager & enthusiasm.  The children’s enthusiasm caught on to all present there.
The parents were entertained in the evenings by  music, dance, karate and  skating events. The children presented  Sanskrit  dramas, English comedy,  the  presentation by the matru mandir children,  ‘Kumara Sambhava’-  Bharatha Natya Dance balle -  captivated the audience.  The chief guest – Shri Guneshanandji from the Ramakrishna mission highly appreciated the  children for presenting programs that depicted the high culture of India and blessed the children  for their wonderful performance.  Poojya Guruji also blessed the children and  spoke on the rich culture of various dance forms  in  India  and presented  many books  on these dance forms, blessing children to learn from all these dance forms.    
The other wonderful performance that really captivated my attention was the  musical  evening.  This was presented by the Gurukulam teachers and students as a team.  It was a unique way of integrating various music, like classical, karnatic and even film songs into one great performance.  The music teacher explained various ragas and its effects and integrated all these various forms of music into one performance.   I have made a personal request to the principal of Rishi Gurukulam,   Lakshmi Ma that music by Gurukulam children should be presented in our VHS  for all to enjoy.
We were all blessed by Poojya Guruji, with satsung on the Sunday morning, which was also telecast on the web.  Parents were very lucky to have been in such wonderful atmosphere and to top it all, to have participated in Guruji’s satsung.  
I would like to close this note by thanking Laxmi Ma, the children of Gurukulam, and the entire teaching and non teaching staff of the school for wonderful delightful 3 days. . . .

Sumathy Ma -  Mumbai


Rishi Gurukulam (A Residential School), a gift from Pujya Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji was started in the year 1997 at Boduvalasa, Visakhapatnam and in the year 2003 at Doddamaralwadi, Kanakapura Taluk, Bengaluru.


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