Our Vision:

  To create world leaders with the humility of a Saint, the knowledge of the learned and the wisdom of a Guru.

A unique Gurukulam, where...

Learning is playing and playing is learning.
Learning is the most exciting human experience.
You learn many languages.
Teachers as eager to learn as students.
Body and Mind are nurtured.
You earn while you learn.
You learn to lead humanity to glory and prosperity.
Teaching is part of learning.
You live and learn as if you are a world leader.



Objectives of the Gurukulam:

Eduation or Kala:

Many think that education means reading, writing and arithmetic. At least earning a B.A. Degree is a must. Most of these graduates are jobless or unsatisfactorily employed.
Most skilled workers are always in shortage. Everywhere there is shortage of Tool and Die makers. Software programmers are in short supply. Carpenters have to be begged for. Plumbers are always not available. Masons are always on holidays. Coaches are in short supply.
An intelligent father will not opt for these expensive useless degrees from universities. Has any mason or carpenter supplied you any degree certificate?
It is not universities that have made India into a number one IT power. It is purely the work of NIIT and APTECH who trained skilled workers in software.
Learn a Kala such as Carpentry, Cooking, Dancing, Tabla, Karate, Swimming, Software, not for performance, but as coaches and trainers. If your boy is good in Cricket, let him build a career in Cricket. He need not become a test player, but can be a very much – needed coach to produce test players.
When you train and share what you are learning you automatically become a master. All paper degrees, which you will never use or teach, are worth the waste paper basket.

What you want your child to be?
Most people will say, “ I want my child to be a Doctor or Engineer or an IAS officer”.
Now many engineering colleges have no students. Most doctors are searching for patients, yet this craze is alive.
Why can’t my child be an entrepreneur? Why cannot my child be a political and social leader? We need lots of young entrepreneurs. We absolutely require sane political leaders. We require more than anything great teachers in school. Teaching is the best and the highest of all professions. It is only great teachers who will build any culture, any strength and any technology.
Parent’s aspirations mould the society. Everybody aspires for a great leader but they do not want theirs to be one. We have to have training schools for social and political leaders.
I fondly wish that our parents realize this and support institutions under wise leaders to develop such schools.
We are making such an attempt at Rishi Gurukulam

The Gurukulam is recognized by the CBSE.
The students are from all over India

The medium of instruction is English.  Conversational Sanskrit is given special importance.  The Gurukulam adopts the Rapid Comprehension and Review Technique (100% Memory Program) devised by Poojya Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji.  The technique is based on the ancient Vedic systems.  It helps children to remember subjects forever without any mental strain and recalling it spontaneously as and when required.

Differences Between a Gurukul & a School .

1. Gurukul focuses on inner growth...  While school focuses on external performance.

2.  Gurukul makes sure that what is learnt is never forgotten... A school focuses only on marks.

3.  Gurukul focuses on a kala / skill... school focuses on syllabus.

4.  Gurukul trains by serving the Guru... A school trains by payment.


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